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An easy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Amidst the traditions, you can guide your own experience.

Thanksgiving can be such a production. Logistics, sometimes long distances. Family members and friends, sometimes especially kooky ones. And that’s before we begin thinking about food!


And how can we think of Thanksgiving without thinking of the food? Plump turkeys, savory gravy, fluffy stuffing, crunchy green beans, tart cranberry sauce, homemade treats, and store-bought standbies- yes this festival of plenty is about to begin!

While we’re taking a moment to celebrate our loved ones and these gifts of food, let’s also make sure we’ve done our part to feed our neighbors. Whatever you have to provide or spare, please consider doing so today.

Thanksgiving is also about making memories.

These memories last years, and contribute to the traditions we honor during the holiday. When the travel, company, preparations, feasting and football wears you out, here’s a simple framework for having meaningful conversations with your company:

1. People

  • Who is with you, and what’s new with them?
  • What past memories do you share with your present company?
  • What plans can you make together this year?
  • Who has entered or departed from your life in the last year?
  • Who are you thinking of who can’t be with you?
  • Who have you not met personally, but has effected your life lately?
  • Who has made today possible?

2. Events

  • What was easier this year than expected? What was harder?
  • What are some of your favorite experiences of the last year?
  • When did you feel most triumphant?
  • Have you learned any lessons the hard way this year?
  • What moments make Thanksgiving more memorable for you?
  • What are you most excited about next?

3. Ideas

  • What do you appreciate most about Thanksgiving?
  • What do you believe most strongly in seeing happen in the future?
  • How has your opinion changed about something this year?
  • What are you having trouble better understanding?
  • What do you suspect others might misunderstand?
  • What values do you share with your present company?
  • And of course, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!!