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Golden: the only Volunteering Partner for the Big 3 CRM

Golden is proud to be a verified ISV partner of the preeminent providers of CRM software to the non-profit industry: Blackbaud, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

“We believe strongly in the power of CRMs - and especially Salesforce, Microsoft and Blackbaud - to bring incredible value to nonprofits,” said Golden CEO Sam Fankuchen. “We’re proud to serve some of the world’s best organizers, and we want to help them optimize the other systems they use in addition to Golden.”

Golden is the world’s most award-winning volunteering software with over 20,000 organizers of every size from every sector coordinating and tracking their mission-critical activities with Golden's web tools. No other platform delivers user-friendly, compliant, encrypted, fully automated, online and offline engagement tracking of volunteer programs on any device.


Golden + CRMs Drive Incredible Results

Clients have seen incredible successes using Golden in conjunction with CRMs. Specifically, Midwest Food Bank reported...

  • An average of 8 hours of staff time saved per week at each of their 10 locations.
  • Additionally, they saw volunteer email capture increase from 60% to 95% within 1 week of launch.

Cross-platform interoperability is something that we believe strongly in. Non-profits do far too important work to be forced to adopt legacy point solutions that don’t speak to each other,” said Golden’s Head of Engineering Rob Petit. “We are committed to integrating with as many best-in-class software partners as possible to provide maximum value to our non-profit clients.”

Benefits from using Golden integrated with an organization’s CRM include:

  • Award-winning volunteer-facing interface that drives industry-leading conversion and retention
  • Automation of data capture and population in your CRM from Golden
  • Massive time savings from automating the data entry process
  • Robust volunteer data and engagement data collection
  • More data to power CRM-based marketing and analytics tools
  • Expand your fundraising database by over 50%

“We’re both excited and proud to be verified partners of Microsoft, Blackbaud, and Salesforce,” said Head of Partnerships, Meredith Hughes. “These are best-in-class solutions supported by best-in-class consulting firms, and we’re thrilled to have their endorsement.”

Accessing Golden's Integrations

You can learn more about Golden's integrations in the respective marketplaces and app stores:

These integrations are available to all organizations on Enterprise Professional plans and higher. For more information, contact or scroll below to submit your information, and our Sales team will be in touch shortly. 

Interested in Learning More about Golden, and how we've helped other organizations:

  • Boost Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

    Golden is one of the leading volunteer recruitment tools that can help your organization in a big way by making volunteer recruitment and retention easy. With Golden, you can easily reach out to thousands of enthusiastic volunteers for your next project and keep them coming back to help you again.

  • Automate Communications via SMS & Email

    Harness the capabilities of the Golden Platform to streamline your SMS, push, and email communication efforts. With pre-built email templates and configurations, organizers can automatically trigger sign-up confirmations, cancellation notices, updates on timings and addresses, attendance reminders, hour tracking, background check confirmations, and more directly to participant devices.

  • Integrate with Donor CRM's - Enabling a 360 view

    Golden offers out of the box, native integrations into Salesforce, Blackbaud, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Enabling your organization to obtain a 360 view of volunteers by syncing waiver & background check status, volunteer hours, biographical data, and other social impact measurements into your CRM, in real time.

  • Donations & Fundraising:

    Golden's Volunteer fundraising and donation features seamlessly empower organizations to supercharge their fundraising efforts. Stakeholders can effortlessly submit donations through your processor of choice, making giving and receiving more convenient than ever.