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How to be a Golden volunteer

The best way to have a good time at a Golden Opportunity is to pick one that appeals to you. It doesn’t have to appeal to someone else’s high ideals, really, being interested in skateboarding or singing is a good place to start. We’ll help you discover the greater purpose of applying those interests during and after you spend time and meet people there.

Every Golden Opportunity must be open to anyone age 13+ without a criminal history. Beyond that, none have specific requirements. If you see it in your Find Opportunities screen, then you can go. It’s that simple. That simplicity may come as a surprise if you’ve ever tried to volunteer before Golden.

Star power

After each Golden Opportunity, both you and your host rate each other 1 - 5 stars. That way you can learn from your host’s feedback, and others can learn from yours. When you are browsing a listing in the app, check out the star rating on the bottom of the screen. It’s a good indicator of how others like you felt about their experiences. You can click the stars to read any written reviews for that Golden Opportunity.


When you’re volunteering, keep an open mind, lend a hand if you can, focus on the tasks at hand, understand how your input contributes an output, appreciate the broader applications of the things you do, interact with other people regarding team and individual goals, reflect on your experience, and try to go back whenever works for your schedule. When you do all that, you should feel really good.

Tracking volunteer hours sucks

It contradicts the whole “fun and effortless” idea, and focuses your energy on getting it over with. Forget that. Golden’s app captures everything, so your school can track progress. That means you can just go have fun, and spend zero effort on paperwork stuff. In order for us to help you out with that, and for your own safety, we strongly recommend you leave your location permissions on, even when you aren’t using the app.

Better with your buddies

We built the app to be super social. On any Golden Opportunity page or Confirmation page, you can click the share icon in the upper right corner to invite friends via any social network, text or email directly to that Golden Opportunity in the app. If your friends don’t have the app, the link will first take them to the iTunes Store to download Golden. You can also use the side menu to Invite Friends to the app, rather than a specific Golden Opportunity.

Golden Tickets

We believe that rewarding participation in our community is a personal thing. We want you to experience benefits Golden offers in your own ways. Mostly, those benefits are the products of you, our users, and the exchanges you make together.

That said, we all benefit when everybody uses Golden more. To encourage engagement, we offer “Golden Tickets”. Golden Tickets admit you and a friend to an exclusive experience in your hometown.

Golden Tickets are awarded irregularly, at our discretion, to celebrate your contributions. Those contributions could be big or small, unique or recurring. Mostly, Golden Tickets are meant to commemorate the moments we recognize as being genuinely special. It’s likely you’ve already experienced and appreciated them. We unpredictably present Golden Tickets to you through the app, so we can feel like we’re there with you in your finest hour.