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Making your opportunity Golden

We’re here to help you use Golden the right way. Please read and follow these guidelines for making your opportunity Golden. If you have trouble or need help, drop us a line at

An "open" (public audience) Golden Opportunity must:

  • Be open to anyone 13 years or older without a criminal record, without requiring specific skills
  • Allow for several volunteers to engage together
  • Be repeatable in the future or with some sort of regularity
  • Have an organization stakeholder who is able to rate each volunteer 1 - 5 stars after he or she completes a session
  • Note: private audience opportunities don't need to conform to the above guidelines

A Golden Opportunity should:

  • Relate to your organization’s clear mission or vision, so volunteers will identify with a sense of purpose
  • Be structured to offer inviting, creative, and achievable tasks for volunteers to perform, so they will recognize their contributions and be compelled to be productive
  • Provide some sort of social interaction and peer group that will encourage volunteers to identify with the act of volunteering beyond just completing the task at hand

Required information:

  • Be willing to accept Golden’s standard background check, and not perform a redundant screening process
  • Provide an emergency contact
  • List a specific location for each activity
  • Provide reasonable on-site supervision and insurance as applicable

Pro tips:

  • Imagine the most playful way to work toward your mission, and capture it in your Golden Opportunity
  • Find ways to encourage volunteers to invite their friends to participate
  • Tidiness, organization, and leadership inspire confidence and encourage retention over time

Golden Opportunities are:

  • effortless
  • genuine
  • inviting
  • playful
  • human
  • contributory
  • creative
  • aspirational

Golden Opportunities are not:

  • Burdensome
  • Hand-outs
  • Mundane
  • Tedious
  • Guilt-inducing
  • Self-righteous
  • Superficial
  • Pacifistic

The best images are:

  • Horizontal (6.4:3.6 aspect ratio)
  • Colorful but not overwhelming
  • Depict the context or activities of your organization

Here are two examples:

Boy Scouts Shot.png

Lady Dog Shot.png