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4 SignUpGenius Alternatives for Volunteer Managers & Nonprofits

You might consider a few SignUpGenius alternatives before you invest time and energy implementing the program into your workflow. It has admirable features (including a free version) that make it very popular. But is it the best tool for your organization? 

If you’re like most volunteer managers, you’re looking for digital solutions to automate and improve your administration. According to Salesforce’s 2022 Nonprofit trends report, digitally mature organizations have four times more impact. Improved impact spans volunteer recruitment and engagement.   

This is why platforms like SignUp Genius have taken off in recent years as resources to help coordinate volunteer groups. There are now a number of volunteer management software solutions to help with those administrative aspects, however, and they might be even better for your needs. Here, we offer a comparison of the best SignUpGenius alternatives. 

What Does Volunteer Sign-Up Software Accomplish?

In the past, volunteer managers relied on manual methods like physical, paper sheets to track volunteer sign-ups for events. A manager would have to post an event opportunity amongst various media sources (e-mail, Facebook, and partner/network resources). Then they would need to organize details individually, in a spreadsheet or other similar database. 

Volunteer sign-up software digitalizes this process and automates much of the administration. It helps you track volunteer sign-ups for events, scheduling, hours worked, and other details. The functionality depends on the program features within the software tool and how much it costs. Many solutions will help you with reporting, and some with recruitment, marketing, and other aspects of the volunteer management process.  

Not all tools are equal! Some empower you to match with the people who really care about what you are doing.

Which are the Top SignUp Genius Alternatives? 

SignUpGenius is one of the best solutions with a free version. SignUpGenius alternatives have a range of associated costs, but might have a greater functionality. Which one is right for you depends on your organization’s volunteer engagement strategy and your budget capacity. 

1. Golden

Golden is the world’s most awarded volunteer management software, in part because of its seamless volunteer sign-up system.  Countless high-level organizations rely on Golden - from the State of California to UNICEF. 

As a sign-up solution, Golden integrates the organization’s existing CRM, calendar functions and other tools into the platform. A manager can post an event (with help from text-enabling AI tools to improve marketing impact) and advertise it to the most interested volunteers in their existing database. They can do so with multiple means of communication – e-mail, SMS text, etc.

Organizations can post to the public as well, to take advantage of Golden’s wide base of volunteers and potential partners. The system helps match volunteers based on their interests or their company’s CSR to the best opportunities available.  Volunteers can invite their friends, family and colleagues to your network. 


Volunteers track their hours automatically and log them with the organization, who can then download an automated report and various analytical impact statements from each event. 

What is more, Golden makes it easy for managers to improve retention by 

  1. Simplifying background checks with the only front-facing tool for checks on the market; 
  2. Automating gratitude for service; 
  3. Integrating rewards into service (with Karats), and 
  4. Inviting volunteers to future events.  

Pricing varies and is on the more expensive side. The suite of features make it a good SignUpGenius alternative for organizations who need a more comprehensive solution to volunteer management and engagement, however. Anyone can try the system first with a free trial. 

There are professional solutions for smaller organizations who can work from self-service, and enterprise solutions for larger, multi-office organizations. The latter provides custom support and enables organizations to use the Golden platform under their brand. 

It can be challenging to organize sign-ups, especially if you depend deeply on volunteer work for specific events like community feeding programs.

2. Volgistics

Volgistics is one of the best inexpensive solutions (around $17/month, for 50 or less volunteers). For a low cost, organizations can find a bit more functionality and support. The system allows for searching and customization that make it attractive as a competitor. 

If you have more volunteers to manage, the pricing goes up, however. So, you want to use their price checker first to see how much it would cost for your needs. This includes volunteers who may not be working with you currently, but have supported you in the past. 

Other features require additional payments as well: front-facing access for volunteers and time-clocking for volunteers. If you’re a small charity, and plan to not grow too much, this could be one of the best options for you.   

3. YourVolunteers

YourVolunteers may be the best free SignUpGenius alternative. Its free level of service enables an organization to maintain their database, track hours, and email schedules. The system is cloud-based to empower high levels of data storage and growth with limited additional cost. 

One of the best features is that it applies mobile-first design. It may be especially good for organizations working remotely, or mainly with volunteers who primarily use mobiles for interaction. 

4. Track It Forward

Track It Forward focuses on sign-ups and time logging, with some reporting capacity. It is aimed at helping volunteers track their time and integrate that time management with your systems. Volunteers can use an app or a computer to access the system and set goals and milestones for their work. 

They have a free plan if you have less than 25 volunteers. With the basic version onward, organizations can share a calendar of events. Deeper communication capacity and tools, like a digital sign-up sheet, cost more, up to $36/month. 

Is There any Best Volunteer Management Software?

It depends on your needs! If cost is a serious consideration, and you are a smaller nonprofit, you might opt for one of the free or very low cost options. The importance of volunteers cannot be underestimated, however, which is why the most effective volunteer managers make sure they include a budget line for software.  If you are a larger organization, and have at least 100 volunteers to manage, you might think about engaging with one of the more substantial solutions out there. 

Golden is likely the best all-around SignUpGenius alternative for larger nonprofits, companies or organizations in need of an enterprise solution. No other tool allows for the same level of customization. And you can guarantee add-on value from Golden’s commitment to integration with the best tools on the market. Partners include Salesforce, Blackbaud, Microsoft Dynamics, Virtuous, HandsOn Connect, Kindful, and Nation Builder.