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Top Ideas for How to Celebrate Earth Day

Every April 22nd, Earth Day is a call to action to do something positive for the environment and honor the simple fact that we all need the Earth.  If you’re unsure how to celebrate Earth Day, you may not be alone.

Though supporting the Earth should be on everyone’s to-do list! From simple actions like signing a petition for cleaner water to spending the entire day cleaning up a local beach or park, you should be able to find some time to get involved. 

Using a tool like Golden, the world’s most awarded volunteer mabnagement software, can make participating even easier. Nonprofits all over the world publish events for all types of volunteers. They include both virtual and in-person opportunities in specific communities. You can find links to some of the best Earth Day celebration ideas throughout this article.

Top Ideas for How to Celebrate Earth Day

Find Ways to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Most people credit the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” (the 3Rs) to the early 1970s, after the first Earth Day and the formation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is one of the foremost advocates for the 3Rs, providing logistics for how and why to apply the principle. 

If you do one thing to celebrate Earth Day this year, you might focus on how you can better reduce, reuse, and recycle! Here is a quick synopsis of why and how.  

Reduce. The average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash a day. Energy, time, and resources all went into making that food or those products. Throwing them away is pure waste. It generates a greater climate impact and needs to be disposed of, requiring landfill space, which in turn causes more greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing can help the environment and save households on their budgeting. Here are some ways to reduce:

  1. Donate. Instead of placing unwanted items in the trash, post an ad on social media that you are giving used items away. You may be surprised who might be able to reuse or repurpose what you thought was garbage.

  2. Plan meals better. A simple trick that will save money, as well, is planning meals better and avoiding food waste. Purchase exactly what you need, even if you have to visit the store more frequently. You can likely compost what food you do have left if you feel motivated this Earth Day to start a system! Backyard composting really only requires a plot of dedicated land (a few square meters), a bin, and a shovel. 

  3. Travel less.  Spend less time in your car. Maybe this is a great time to start riding a bike. Alternatively, try carpooling!  Making a commitment to use a bit less gas or even electricity that fuels your car can help reduce climate impacts and local pollution. 

Reuse. Instead of buying something new, try reusing. A simple way is buying products or food packaged in containers that include recycled or repurposed materials. Also,Or, try to use a one-off plastic or container that can’t be recycled for at least one more use. One more idea is to borrow clothes, decorations, or other products that you know you will only use once. 

Recycle. When you can’t reduce or reuse, the best option is to recycle. The EPA and similar websites help you find ways to dispose of your unwanted goods in the most responsible ways. 

Commit to Using Eco-Friendly Products

Another way to celebrate Earth Day through the simplicity of consumer choice is by pledging to use eco-friendly products. Even if just some of your purchase power shifts over to greener choices, you can make an impact. 

Look for products that contain recycled materials. Many different apparel companies and shoe companies are incorporating recycled plastic, for instance. Others are reducing water usage in textile production, to improve the impact on local ecosystems where clothes are manufactured. 

In general, more and more companies actively post their corporate social responsibility reports for different products. With some research, you can measure the eco-friendliness of an entire company before you commit to choosing its products or services.

Commit to Using Eco-Friendly Products

Champion Clean Water

Make water your priority to celebrate Earth Day this year! You can conserve water in many ways through different personal choices. Many involve a bit of sacrifice, which can be an engaging Earth “retreat” this year. Try bathing less frequently, opting for shrubs instead of a grass lawn that needs watering, or being careful about how you wash dishes. 

If you’re feeling more ambitious, dozens of organizations all over the world post opportunities for supporting clean water. Surfrider Foundation has events through chapters across the United States to advocate for and support clean water action. They include beach and canal cleanups, and actions to reduce plastic pollution in waterways. These events celebrate Earth Day or are year-round. 

Support Local Farms

Even if you don’t have the greenest thumb, you might want to get your hands dirty in a garden to celebrate Earth Day this year! In all likelihood, community farms in your area need help and can use your support. 

To find those opportunities, you can sign up to volunteer with Golden. Local organizations and networks post their opportunities through the platform. You can easily search for ways to get involved in your interest areas in your community. 

For instance, HandsOn Atlanta uses Golden’s platform to post opportunities from throughout the region. Users can connect with urban farming opportunities through partner event posts. Food Well Alliance is advancing systems of urban community agriculture throughout the area and has multiple calls for volunteer support. 

Volunteer through EarthShare

EarthShare is one of the largest volunteer platforms for Earth-minded volunteer opportunities on the planet. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to celebrate Earth Day and you want to go beyond the simpler ideas, this is a great place to start.  Some examples of opportunities include:

  • How to choose and plant a tree. 

  • Fighting for trash-free seas. 

  • How to unite the fight for racial equity and environmental action. 

Many of the events through EarthsShare are ongoing and virtual. A good number of nonprofits also post ways to help through advocacy instead of outdoor activities, if that type of work suits you better. You can help from anywhere, anytime! 


Rediscover Nature with Green Hour

Green Hour is a special club, for Earth Day or any day, by the National Wildlife Federation (through EarthShare) to encourage children to spend at least an hour outdoors every day. Why not start on Earth Day this year? 

Kids can learn how to tend the soil, incorporate wildflowers in landscaping, and do other daily activity ideas. The program encourages them to keep a nature journal, logging time spent and observations learned. It’s a great way for children and parents to dedicate time to spend together as a family while helping the Earth. 

Earth Day Celebration Ideas - Just the Beginning!  

From advocating for a better Earth to taking action through personal choices and community events, there are Earth Day volunteer ideas for everyone!  But Earth Day is just one day within an entire month dedicated to volunteering. April is National Volunteer Month

Through Golden, you can connect with the causes that matter most, for the Earth and all of us upon it, anywhere in the world, throughout the whole month and then the whole year. With your integrated and automated dashboard, you can find opportunities based on your passions, your time availability, and your preferred style of support (virtual, independent, in teams, in person). 

You can link with your social media accounts to invite your friends and corporate colleagues to share in the moment and create an impact with you. If you’re interested in getting started and discovering new events, we invite you to see how Golden works in this short video!