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Why Golden makes your Salesforce better

Golden is amazing for volunteer managers everywhere, but when integrated with Salesforce, it's even more powerful. Golden's, purpose-built, premier-ISV-level volunteer management software provides the most modern, easy-to-use tools that every volunteer coordinator needs without any of the necessary customizations that IT hate - now you can experience full automation in your existing Salesforce environment, including compatibility with NPSP, Lightning, Experience Cloud, Volunteers for Salesforce, and HandsOn Connect. 

For a demo of Golden's full platform, get started here.

The Future of Volunteer Management

Here at Golden, we believe in a world where...

  • Data flows automatically into your primary source of truth (aka Salesforce!) in real-time
  • You don't do any data entry, and instead spend time and energy on scaling your program
  • Your entire organization can access a complete profile and engagement history for all your supporters - contact info, volunteer history, donation history - all in one place...automatically
  • Your Salesforce has more data than ever before in order to get the full power out of all your tools (Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Tableau and more...)

So how do we manifest this utopian future? By empowering your volunteer team with Golden's award-winning volunteer management tools on top of Salesforce.


Why Golden Volunteer Management Tools Make Your Life Better

Golden's award-winning volunteer management platform provides industry-leading experiences for both volunteers AND volunteer coordinators. How do we know?

Simply, Golden drives results:

  • Immediate time-to -value: many organizations can be up-and-running on Day 1, and others choose to work with us and their SI to integrate with their existing product roadmaps - the choice is yours, and you'll experience the full benefits of Golden as soon as you're ready.
  • Leading conversion rate in the industry: Volunteers are more likely to sign up for Opportunities on Golden than they are to buy a product on Amazon (22.5% vs. 10-15%). The United Way of Salt Lake saw a 127% increase in new volunteers in Year 1 on Golden.
  • Leading retention rates: the average non-profit sees a 30% increase in return volunteers in Year 1 on Golden
  • Increased donor database: Midwest Food Bank reported a 68% increase in their email list in Year 1 on Golden
  • Save you time: networked non-profits report 8 hours of staff time saved per location per week on Golden


Golden's incredible volunteer management tools include:

  • Digital waivers and parental consent
  • On-site check-in kiosk tools
  • Instant background checking and portability of check results
  • Automated engagement and hour tracking
  • Automated volunteer notifications
  • Ability to manage volunteer teams, corporate partners and more
  • And much, much, much(!) more...


Why Golden is the best way to manage volunteers on Salesforce

Salesforce is incredibly powerful on its own, but when it comes to managing volunteers, volunteer coordinators demand a best-in-class solutions that meets their standards. Golden's  integration permits Salesforce users to focus on recruiting and retaining volunteers, rather than recording the minutiae of data themselves.

Every data point captured in Golden is automatically passed into Salesforce, ensuring that you get immediate benefits:

  • Immediate time to value: it's incredibly easy to implement and onboard new team members
  • Immediate time savings: Golden can save 90% of one’s administrative time by automatically updating volunteer records in Salesforce
  • Flexible and configurable integration: there's no need to customize your Salesforce to accept data from Golden because the integration allows you to custom-map Golden data to your existing architecture

When used with Salesforce, Golden automatically inputs contact information, updates registration and attendance, and provides volunteer feedback, all without human intervention. See this guide for instructions on downloading the Golden app on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Oh yeah - and with a bigger donor database and a complete data picture on each supporter's complete engagement history - that's donations PLUS volunteering - your fundraising team will love you.


For more detailed information about the Golden integration for Salesforce, check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange or contact us for an in-depth demo.